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some people just never give up....

message which was just posted to this group...
"Joel, Do you think maybe you're a little uptight?! calm down medear, relax, I think unshallow and open-minded applies more to people who don't think their own taste in art is the only one that counts and not so much to people like you who think that painting something how it looks is not worth anything. Just be a bit mroe laid back, and stop squeaking!!!"

So... yes, obvoiusly, I am not laid back....... and no... I don't think my own taste in "art" whatever you may call it is the only one that counts... I think you're blind, in the respect that just because I speak loudly and am heard more that means that I believe myself to be right more and have more of a right to speak, but I believe everyone has the same right.... but I also know that people are stupid... I take in account people such as yourself (yep, I don't know who you are, but hmm... can guess, I guess) who can not look at the connotative meanings of things and are only able to look at things directly....
Thus, I judge things for what they may be, not for what they directly 'are', because there is nothing that 'is', due to the fact that everyone and everything is different in it's own light... do you understand the term 'relativity'?... You do not need to be Einstein to understand the basics that things are different for different people... if you look at me in the light which you have shed it is quite obvious that you are not able to look outside your own shallow/blind self which is dying to scream as loud as I and jealousy and emptiness runs thick, draining through the cracks of self respect, never to be touched again, my boy....
So, yes, I am pretentious, but I can improvise. Yes, I am educated, but can not spell. Yes, I am an asshole, but I admit it. Yes yes yes yes yes yes... so, whatever..... go fuck ya self...
btw, everyone's a little uptight, in the right light.... but, look at the logic of ratios in a social environment such as the one in which we live... take opinion into the equasion of what you speak and you become the minority with no voice... I try to act as the voice for the minority, but there are some which stand for things that I do not and can not believe, some which stand for hatred and emptiness of mind.... those, those have no voice to me... their existance has no place with me and I do not care for the miniscule bullshit which they focus their blind eyes on... as Jesus, Lord and Saviour, spake: 'Do not point out the splinter in your brother's eye when you have a plank in your own'
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