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know what I fucking hate?!?!

Numero Uno..... EMO! Fucking gay ass mother fuckers and their politically correct pain and sweaters.... fuck off and die!..... that's all I can say on that subject of bad taste!

Numero Dos.... should be number one...... HOMEWORK..... Especially if it happens to be assignments that happen to be due in like 3 hours and happen to be like say.... 2500 words on some shit like 'Critically assess the different approaches that one might take in the study of a particular star featrued in the films you have studied.' What the fuck does that mean!?!?!

But ah.... Know what else I hate?! Loser elitests wannabe.... and communities which support them.... I believe in cunnilingus, it's that simple.... and I believe in falatio... don't believe in good spelling to back it up, but oral sex.... Not much else.... I believe that you can get someone off with your mouth very well, if you like it... if you don't, well, stop talking and start learning to like (lick) it mother fucker!

So, yes, here is my application to uh... whatever the aforementioned emo l33t super honkie cool community....

1_. Name: Karl
2_. Age: 46
3_. Birthday: June 14, 19..
4_. Gender: yes.... hehehe
5_. Favorite bands: Dolly Parton, Elvis Costelo,
6_. Hate bands: (this one's actually serious) Blink 182, Sum 41,
7_. Sports/Activites: Females age 12-14, males age 4-9... and now for sports... lubing up and chasing after my activities, legs akimbo...
8_. Hidden talents: I can shove your fist up my ass...
9_. Something interesting about you: I like making eye contact with myself in the mirror
10_. Musical capabilities: I play the mandolin, pan-pipes, and flute
11_. Favorite lyrics and why: 'you don't know how it feels to be mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee'
12_. Are you an asshole? Explain: Yes, because I like little boys
13_. Where did you hear about us?: from some person who xposted on my (meaning Cptn Bob and Napkin Hat Girl's) community
14_. Why do you want to be in assi9_emo?: because 1. I love emo, and 2. I love sucking cock... it is so choice... I suggest you try it...
15_. The most evil thing you've ever said to someone and why: you can't give head... why I said it.... it was true?
16_. A funny childhood memory: ah... this one's classic.... this one time when my dad was beating me... I fell down the stairs and had to be taken to the hospital... I told them, ya know, to cover for my dad, that I had been maulled by the neighbourhood bear, which, I told them's name was Jim (my dad's name)
17_. Why did/do you hate high school, if you did/do at all? Obviously, since I'm obsessed to the point of kissing my overpriced acoustic guitar every night before I go to bed..... the question? lost in the gaze of glorious writing........
18_. Your most favorite thing in the world and why: jujubees, bad gramar, and talcom powder
19_. What are your career aspirations? to suck cock for money, just like everyone else..
20_. What kind of people do you just want to decapitate? people who listen to emo, and britney spears... although, I would have sex with that decapitated body, so whatever....
21_. Do you have a job? If so, where do you work?: ha!
22_. Have you ever smoked, done drugs or drank alcohol?: no, obviously not!
23_. What's the grossest thing you have ever done?: sucked me a billygoat dry and my cousin karl's ranch outside pensicola
24_. What kind of shoes do you wear?: you sick footfetish fuck!
25_. 3 pictures of yourself...don't have any? Draw a picture and/or explain why you don't have any and what you look like. No excuses like "I'm too poor", bitch:
I'm too poor.... ahh... maybe I do have some of them pics down the shoot somewhere....
go to my website (mydecay.com), cause all the cool kids do!

There! you get two mother fucker!

So, everyone else join (try to join, if you're as cool as me!) this person's community... uh... what's their name? something eyes candy eyes? oh, I don't know.... btw, my website doesn't actually work... but go there anyway..... use up my bandwidth, I'll love you forever!
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