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just digging up old shit.... ;)

To: Jon Parson

So, the words of empty self-obsession have been spoke, now we all must bow... I understand my new found fag of a friend...

Numero Uno, my boy... Your buddy ol girl Emma... (or Em, in your words, so forcibly spoken) is not exactly the most honest resource on ANY info, there's always a self-driven spin on everything... Of course, you won't believe me... you wouldn't trust me, because, well... you're a rather externally obsessed creature, *cough* artist, now aren't you? so, well, my life exists not only to piss fuck-wits like yourself off, but to live, and to show other (opened minded people) that life ain't that bad, by looking at things deeper than the surface... I thought, blatantly incorrectly, that your girl there wasn't like you and your neuvo riche, empty of existance, upper-middle class (classless) lack of a self worth speaking for... I thought she really cared about people, but it was odd that she still hung around your sorry little self (*cough* and OH all the great things she had to say about you... hahahahaha!... *sardonic is the word of the day*)

Oh, I know, it's very valliant of you to stand up for her, but dude, look at what you're standing up for... I've never really known a more arragont, self-obsessed fuck than yourself, but dude, standing up for her ain't making ya look any better!

So, you try to use fanciful speach (or words, if you will)... with 'tails' (a waggin, I might add) of what has happened... I have told both sides, I always do... if you do not tell both sides, eventually the other one comes out and you look bad... I don't like looking bad, to be honest, so therefore, I am honest.... Emma made me pretend to like you, and that made me more uncomfortable than anything, because I think you're possibly one of the most dishonest, malformed, peices of humanity that I've ever seen...

Now, of course, back to Emma, I don't want anything to do with her... Why? Oh, why oh why?... I'm happy, she is negative, thus hindering my happiness and my life. I don't want her (or you, cunt) to be ANY part of my life, do you understand you self righteous god damn mother fuck?! You (meaning, you and the whore) do NOT email me, call me, attempt to contact me, text me, bleed on me when you've slit your wrists bringing your useless blood, ask me for anything, tell me anything, claim to know me when you're trying to look popular, or attempt to have anything to do with this here self-righteous, certainly difficult, purely-american excuse for a psychological experiment (hehehehehehe!!!!!! *btw, the things between the last 4 or 5 commas are what we'd like to call 'complex placation'... look up placate, if spelled correctly, in the dictionary...)

So, we still pals? I would like to have you over for dinner... yep... obviously...

Back to the bullshit you wrote, enough of my rantings..... K, you didn't know me in Hong Kong, I didn't want to have anything to do with you... you're boring and you know it, thus the reason why you don't like yourself, I mean, what's so hard to see about that? Emma's in the same boat as you, but she's an alcoholic (or getting there) and pretends to be god....

So, I've left it in the past, why are you continuing (meaning, Emma's been stalking me for the last month, it's pissing me off that she's getting fuckers like yourself to contact me.... you make life OOHHH so beautiful... please paint me a cheap pastel of what your feelings of how beautiful life is made, through you, looks like!) to bring this shit up? Why have you jumped into the middle of a one sided battle (meaning, she's told you her side, I don't care enough about you to tell you anything...)? Quite hypocritical of you, I might add...

Dearestly yours,

Captain Bob, leader of his own brigade

(btw, P.S ;), Priya, my letter-writing pal, offered to write the letter and, I do not believe there is anything untrue in it... so ya know... the true hurts mother fucker!)

damn, I should have used words more cleverly arranged like 'shows how immature you really are', 'stuck in the past' (man!), and 'I wont lyie to you joel I never thought much of you'

damnit again, I hate my past? God, I hate it so much!!!............................... or uh, I wouldn't want to be anyone other than me! I am made up of my past, present, and whatever might or might not happen... I do not need little, mindless dicks telling me what I am, what I hate, or what they think I should do, should have done, or should -whatever-... for you and dear em: life is wonderful, stop killing it with your emptiness... It is not you guys I hate, it is the draining of life and happiness that you create, that I hate.... Your lack of true _expression and empty eyes express what only money can buy and contradicts the basic forms of human _expression and the good things which come from life and love... please, spare me from your coruption....

so, I had some great times with Emma and I do not regret them... it was not wise for me to be with her, she did help me with money, and I will learn from her... there, happy? good! That's what I'm here for, sir.

---His email that allowed me to write such a happy piece of shit---

----- Original Message -----
From: jonathon parsons
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 17:30:13 +0000 (GMT)
To: geekbreath

Hello Joel and freind,

Emma forwarded your email to me and I would just like to say a few things.
Joel your obvolsly are very upset and hert by what emma has done, but to vent that much anger can only be bad and shows how immature you really are. From the joel you where in Hong Kong to the joel i'm hearing about are two different people and it makes me question. What is your real problem? as i don't think it's emma.
Don't you think treating emma in such a way only shows that she is stronger and able to move on like you say into the future, but you are stuck in the past(one in which you hate)
I wont lyie to you joel I never thought much of you, but one thing I will credit you with is that you made emma happy and she made you, but being horrible will only tarnish those memories.
As for your freind he or she is only getting part of a story, they don't know the reall emma and you know that. Your tails of what has happened are from a very upset person so obvolusly your freind will get a bad impression. which leads me to asking what kind of freind is this who could write to someone they've never met or talked to and write such horrible abusive things!
I'm sorry that you feel so upset but your the one who'll end up losing out
From Jon Parsons
P.S lose the freind!

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March 28 2004, 09:38:02 UTC 13 years ago

Joel, Do you think maybe you're a little uptight?! calm down medear, relax, I think unshallow and open-minded applies more to people who don't think their own taste in art is the only one that counts and not so much to people like you who think that painting something how it looks is not worth anything. Just be a bit mroe laid back, and stop squeaking!!!

I should be more laid back?!