Cptn Bob (bleekerstreet) wrote in bitch_4_me,
Cptn Bob

fucking house guests!!!

1 day left....

Today I told them (the guests who have overstayed their welcome by 11 days!) to leave and do something.... I feel bad, because they wouldn't leave the house without the girlfriend, so she's having to take them around London (a place that they don't really seem interested in). They came here, it seems, to get away from their previous relationships, yet all as they do is bitch about their last partners and sit in my god damn livingroom all day smoking cigarettes.... I'm fucking tired of it and can't get any school work done... I NEED TO WORK ON MY DISSERTATION!!!.... I am not a fucking monkey and I will not do tricks for random idiots when I am busy (although, I am writing all this random shit on the internet for everyone to read instead of doing what I need to do)

They're almost gone; I'm just afraid I'm going to be horrible to them today or tomorrow.... I've stayed a little stoned a little drunk most of the time they've been here, so it's been doable.

Also, they keep playing the same CDs over and over and over and over and over on my stereo and it's making me go crazy!.... OK, so I like Greenday - Dookie, but like..... I listened to it last night... they beautifully decided to put it on again this morning, then when it finished, press play again, and then.... when it finished.... yea....... I ran over and grabbed the CD out of there saying 'no fucking way, it's making me go crazy'.... so what do we get?....... oh, back to the CD that gets worked in constantly 'Lene Marlin'... fucking horrible, burn it if you find it.... no, too significant to burn something..... just ignore it and maybe, bump it into some crack that no one notices....
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