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Cptn Bob

Why Jack Straw, why? (on London)

So, yep... it was fucking scary waking up this morning getting an email from my friend in Holland saying 'are you alright'?...
Oh yea, I forgot to tell him that I'm visiting my parents in L'America for 2 months over the summer and don't happen to be living in Zone 1 in London right now (unlike my friend Iris, who was pretty freaked out, being that she lives just off Russell Sq.)...

Have talked to most of my friends who it seems that they would ever have a reason to go down the Edgeware Road, Russell Square, Liverpool St, investment banker way and everyone's ok.... so, now.... I get to criticize....

UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the bombings had "the hallmarks of an al-Qaeda-related attack". (the opening statement written in the BBC's online news story on the matter)

HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE 'hallmarks' SO SOON?!!! A proper investigation of a situation such as this would take months!.... so stop fucking throwing around these politically branded words and speach patterns.... it fucking disgusts me!!! People died and all as people can care about are fortifying and justifying their idea that it's good to go and kill people over-seas (as long as they're not 'one of us' (please watch 'Freaks'(1932) for reference as to who 'us' is)... and white and christian)...

I am sad about what happened... it is not a good way to wake up in the morning... but, in war, people die... I feel bad, because I know that I or any of my friends could have easily been one those people... but, if this does have anything to do with this American/English 'war' on Islam, it is not Islam who is to blame for the deaths in London... it is not even the people who are bombing who are to blame, in the long run... they are retaliating to the thousands and thousands 'we' (meaning the joint state, defying the UN, that America and England have made) have killed. If it was done by some Islamic group, or people stading up for Islam in this supposed war it is, obviously, in the hopes that this will be a means to an end. It won't, but those people are trying... and it is sad what happens with a small 'try' in war.... people die... and it is sad :( It is strange when war is not on TV and is in 'our' back yard, instead of 'theirs'.

But yea, on that note... why would we ever question why something like this was done?
no, we don't want to ask questions.... what is the point of a question? why ask why?.... sit back and be numb.... life is too important to be lived, because isn't the point of living to wander why?......

thanks for your time,
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